How to Renew Office 365 Personal Subscription?

You can likewise restore your office 365 home or Office 365 Personal Subscription by utilizing the Product enter that you purchased in store.

You can reestablish by embarking to a retail store, eye to eye or on the web, and obtaining an enrollment to Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal. You’ll get a 25-character thing key, which you can use to revive at

In the event that you have a physical box or card, search inside for your 25-character item scratch.

2. Go to and, if incited, sign in utilizing the Microsoft account that is related with your Office 365 membership.

3. Enter the 25-character item key. While choosing your nation or district, we prescribe that you pick the nation or area where you live or do your keeping money.

4. Take after the means to finish the recharging procedure.

Your membership is recharged and the new termination date shows up.

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